Jon Favreau as Director of the New Live-Action Remake of Disney’s Lion King

Published by: Chrisna S.

Source: Disney's Lion King /

Source: Disney’s Lion King /

Disney announced recently that it will be creating a like action-film of Lion King.

For those who have watched the Lion King movie in the 90’s, can you believe it’s been two decades already? If you have that urge to play Disney’s playlist again in Spotify, you’re not alone.

The original animated film was released in 1994 and it became an instant box office hit and a fave family movie. It made $969M during that time and won two Golden Globe awards and one Grammy.



Couple years later after the film went out in the cinemas, a stage musical version was run in Broadway. This time, in the longest running time, the musical became a highlight in New York Broadway. So far, it has amassed over $6B in ticket sales. It made more money than any other stage show or movie in history.

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