50 Wedding Dress You Wish You Hadn’t Seen!

Published by: brett

Wedding dresses are mainly always white as a tradition that has been held for generations upon generations. Throughout time you have seen extravagant designs of white lace followed by a gown underneath of white satin, cotton, or any form of luxury that truly makes the bride into a pearl. However, some people have learned to improvise and take the tradition of the wedding dress to a whole new level. See these pictures before your eyes, get ideas and inspiration as what not do when you are ready to tie that knot!

Frozen Inspired

Well, as you can see, this woman has the iced theme going on. Her crown and gown are both shaped like snow flakes, and the blue fluff in the background appears to be an Elsa piece taken from the costume shop. Although its tacky, its pretty wack and fun to look at!


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