Theses are the Most Powerful, and Badass Actresses in the Marvel Universe

Published by: Chrisna S.

Who is your favorite female character in all of Marvel movies and TV series? Women in the marvel universe are often underestimated, and most of us think that they were created there as part of the main character’s love interest. Nevertheless they prove to be more than that, and here’s a list of the most powerful and sexiest actresses and their corresponding superhero roles in the Marvel Universe.

Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow

We can’t get enough of Scarlett Johansson ever since she played the role of Natasha Romanova, popularly known with her code name, Black Widow. There’s the protagonist as superheroes, then there’s antagonist Romanova in Avengers and Ironman. Johansson got the role after Emily Blunt turned it down, and she’s been nothing but badass and super sexy in it. She already has a star in Hollywood Walk of Fame and year after year, she’s been in Forbes highest paid women in the world.



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