Alicia Keys Inspires Women to Go Makeup Free

Published by: Chrisna S.

Britney Spears, Beyonce, Kanye and other celebs may have taken the VMA spotlight while on stage, but there’s one girl who dared to do something that not every celeb would brave out. Alicia Keys arrived in this year’s big MTV event without a trace of makeup on her face.

The singer surprised everyone in the white carpet when she walked in. While everyone else paraded in dazzling gowns and outlandish outfits, she arrived wearing a red and black maxi dress, her hair up, but no glamorous make-up.

According to the singer, she had an experience working with a photographer who wanted to take a photo of her without any makeup. She described what she felt at that time, that she was nervous and a bit comfortable. Celebs often come to shoots in that raw face to get ready for makeup, but at that time, it was the actual photoshoot already. That inspired her and ever since, she hasn’t worn any makeup at all. She wanted to show others that it’s the strongest and empowering feeling when people go makeup free on the red carpet.



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