Will Daniel Radcliffe Return in “Harry Potter And The Cursed Child” Movie?

Published by: Chrisna S.

When sources dropped a hint that Warner Bros. studio wanted to create a movie on the book “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, we can expect every Potter fan to go insane for a moment. We all need a bit of magic in this world and it’s just what we all fans need to look forward to. Can you believe that it’s been five years since the last Harry Potter movie?

Let’s go back first to reality on what we have in line this year. Many are looking forward to the spin-off movie this coming fall, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Although it satiates cravings from Potter fans who want to go back to Potterverse, it will be an entirely different story from the magic world of Hogwarts and ‘the boy who lived’. Fantastic Beasts brings us a new character, the magizoologist Newt Scamander played by actor Eddie Redmayne. It’s about Scamander’s adventures with magical beasts in New York that was set seventy years before young Harry Potter opened his book in Hogwarts.

One the other hand, there’s the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book, and it brings us forward to the future. The story is actually a sequel, set almost two decades after the Deathly Hollows. So what happened when there we’re news that Warner Bros. is interested in bringing in a new movie?

Source: tumblr.com

Source: tumblr.com

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