Britney Spears on VMA 2016 – She’s Back and Slayed it!

Published by: Chrisna S.

Britney Spears is back! She performed in VMA 2016 last night but sorry fans, no python this time.

Beyonce performed her entire album Lemonade and Britney came to stage right after that. She appeared in a skimpy bright yellow leotard that showed off her sexy figure. She had matching boots and everything was all-glittery. She sang her new track “Make Me” from her 9th album Glory, which was released recently.

She danced with two back-up dancers at her back and the background showed shadow projections that interpreted a message with the song. Later, she was joined on stage by G-Eazy. And the dance choreography, let’s just say it got a bit electric.

One main difference that many noticed on her performance, as compared to her previous ones, there were no pythons, and no theatrics. There were a lot of her signature hair flips, ups and downs and moves that showed off her age-defying body. The disappointing part here for most fans and MTV viewers, is that they also noticed the star seemed to be lip-syncing in her performance. Years back, the pop-star said that she always sings live. But viewers ranted on twitter about her miming.



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