Ciara and Russell Wilson’s Wedding Was Called Off TWICE!

Published by: Chrisna S.

How many times can you call off a wedding because of some venue trouble? For celebrity weddings this isn’t really an issue. In turns out that Ciara and Russell Wilson’s wedding was called off twice according to their wedding planner. Can you imagine all the fuss they’ve been through ? The wedding planner must have been really busy, after all we can’t really leave any stone unturned to make the special day all perfect.

Happily for the couple, the journey was all worth it.

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

Mindy Weiss was their wedding planner for the big event. She was also the one who organized LaLa Anthony’s wedding, who was Ciara’s bridesmaid. Weiss revealed recently in The Knot, that she had to do everything three times! She had to plan the entire wedding three times because the first two was called off because of some venue problems.

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