Gandalf Refused To Do Weddings – Why Sir Ian McKellen Turned Down the $1.5M Offer

Published by: Chrisna S.

Will you go dressed up as Gandalf in a wedding for $1.5M?

Sir Ian McKellen, the actor who played as Gandalf in Lord of the Rings movies, was offered to officiate a millionaire’s wedding for $1.5M, but there was one condition. Since the event has the theme based on the famous fantasy trilogy, he has to attend dressed up as Gandalf.

Surprisingly, the actor declined the offer.



Was it because the giant paycheck offered to him wasn’t enough? Or perhaps it didn’t fit his schedule? He must have a good reason for turning down that much money right? He said he considered doing the wedding for that famous couple in California, but he had a valid reason for his refusal. Sir Ian McKellen simply apologized and gave the reason – “Gandalf doesn’t do weddings“.

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