Justin Bieber’s Grand Helicopter Entrance in Big V Festival But Fans We’re Disappointed With His Performance

Published by: Chrisna S.

In the big annual music V Festival in Hylands Park, the Love Yourself singer was set to be the main performer in the first night of the entire event. What better way to arrive in a big crowd? How about a military operation, helicopter and convoy of cars towards the stage?

That’s exactly how Justin Bieber arrived in the V festival yesterday. In an extravagant grand military operation, the singer arrived in a helicopter and was in a convoy of four cars that drove and guarded him towards the big stage. He entered the show after Sia finished her performance.

Source: tumbler

Source: tumbler

In the middle of his set, the singer asked a reflective question to the crowd, “Who here values their life?”. He also let out a profound statement, “Growing up we go through periods” he added,  “…where we don’t value life as much as we should.”

Despite this bizarre and profound spark of wisdom from the singer, many of the fans in the event were not quite impressed by his performance.

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