Chris Pratt, Anna Farris, Scott Eastwood and Other Celebs Participate in the 22 Pushup Challenge

Published by: Chrisna S.

Did you know that an average of 22 veterans commit suicide everyday? It’s the sad truth for war heroes who have dedicated their lives in protecting and keeping peace for future generations. This is the reason why people are participating in the #22pushupchallenge. It’s a new viral campaign that aims to raise awareness on the case of military veteran suicides and mental health. It’s part of #22kill movement started by Honor Courage Commitment, Inc.

You probably have seen some people post their participation and challenge somebody else to do the same. Celebrities are giving the internet this new trend a boost. Among the celebs that posted their 22pushupchallenge in social media are Chris Pratt, Ludacris, John Krasinski, Kevin Hart and a lot more.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris made their 22 push ups and posted the video in Instagram. These two are awesome! Watch and listen to their message.

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” also posted his pushups via Instagram. His dog was even there to support him.

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