Heartbreaking News – Star Wars’ R2-D2 Actor Kenny Baker Passes Away

Published by: Chrisna S.

Do you know the actor who played the role of R2-D2 in Star Wars? Not many would ask this question, as most people would probably have assumed that R2-D2 was a robot back then, or in recent movies, most likely made by CG animation with voice talent. However, in the old films, it was Kenny Baker who brought R2-D2 to life in Star Wars.

Sadly, the British actor died last August 13, 2016, due to illness at the age of 82. Kenny Baker’s wife died two decades ago and he was taken cared of by his caregiver, who was also his nephew. He was found dead in his home in Preston, England last Saturday. It was heartbreaking news for everyone especially for friends, family and Star Wars fans.



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