Because He Can – Michael Phelps Has More Olympic Medals Than Other Countries

Published by: Chrisna S.

For a moment, forget about all the pokemons you want to collect. Michael Phelps have turned into Super Saiyan mode again in Rio Olympics.

We haven’t even had enough time to breathe after Michael Phelps won his epic 20th Olympic gold medal in the 200-m Butterfly Final. Just minutes after receiving that medal, he grabbed another one for the US Team’s 4 x 200m freestyle event.

Yes, Michael Phelps just won his 21st Olympic Gold Medal.

Source: twitter

Source: twitter

He now has more medals than most countries competing in the Olympics. At the age of  31, he’s also the oldest swimmer to win the gold in an individual event. All in all, he has 24 Olympic medals, and 21 of that in gold.

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