You Would Never Guess These Famous Celebs Are Bi-Racial

Published by: Chrisna S.

Race is always an interesting subject. Nowadays, we can hardly tell who is Black, White, Latin, or Asian 😉

The Below Stars Are All Mixed Races – Which Is What Makes Them So Hot!

biracial front pager

Can you name celebrities who pass off as someone with white ancestry but actually have a black parent and a white parent or just black parents? Decades ago, it was quite hard to land big roles for actors and actresses with ethnic backgrounds. There were multiple reasons, could’ve been the lack of roles, or merely because of what society defined as stereotypes in Hollywood. We wish that the world doesn’t have racial divides anymore, as some stars with ethnic ancestry continue to prove that it doesn’t matter. Although some celebs continue to be vague about their ethnic background, some have come out proud of their bi-racial parents and ancestry. Here are 20 celebs who you would’ve probably never have guessed are bi-racial.

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