America’s Got Talent Week 6: The Last of the Auditions

Published by: Shannon West

This week, America’s Got Talent radiated with red, white and blue after week 6 of the final auditions appeared on the birthday of America’s independence. Extraordinary talent exploded like fireworks and things got really crazy – enough so that Nick Cannon decided to use his “golden buzzer”, a first time ever in the series.
So after the minor appearances of flexible old women and bottom readers, the show started with Cody the Twirler, a teenage baton twirler who juggles with eye-catching twists and turns. He did an excellent and jazzy audition, with one of his moves being that he twirled and juggled three batons all at once. Simon commented that he was a “born entertainer” and he digged his act. Although Simon also said he’ll definitely fulfil his dream of being in a circus (ouch! I would disagree and said Broadway instead), the rest of the judges moved him forward to the next round.

Nipple Tassles...


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