Yolanda vs. Foster: The Girls Call Out Their Step-Mother

Published by: Brandon Withey

Of all the things that make being a celebrity difficult, it’s the complete lack of privacy that can weight the heaviest. We get the whole idea of ‘boo-hoo this is a terrible thing you guys make thousands an hour so you can’t complain about the small sacrifices’, we even agree with you most of the time. But there are some things that are hard enough for any human to deal with, that’s right Hollywood stars are humans too, and chronic illnesses are one of them. Yolanda has been pretty open about her battle with Lyme Disease, an incredibly difficult disease to diagnose and treat, and recently the daughters of David Foster, Sara and Erin, have been ripping into her trying to just keep living while fighting it.

Don't Mess With Me

Source: http://www.patientworthy.com/

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