Kris Revisits The O.J. Simpson Horror

Published by: Brandon Withey

In June of 1994 there was a court case that rocked the American Legal System, and the sports world alike. Orenthal James “O.J.” Simpson was one of the most important sports figures of his time, with a career in the NFL that set records every year. During this year and the one to follow the TV would be full of video evidence following the murder of his wife Nicole, with deep speculation about who was responsible. O.J. was held up as the primary suspect, and we have to admit that odds did not look good.

What few people know is that during and around the events of this time, Kris Jenner was in regular contact with O.J. and his family, and Nicole Simpson was one of her best friends. Recently Kris revealed some information about what happened during that time, and discussed her feeling throughout. Follow with us as we revisit this event 22 years later.

That's right O.J.

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