Iggy Azalea joining Australia’s “X Factor”, leaving America for a long season

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Iggy Azalea is joining the X Factor judging panel in Austrailia, replacing Dannii Minogue, the runner judge for the past three years, after Minogue announced her departure.
According to her network bosses for Channel Seven, the Sydney-native is confirmed to be on the show. She has previously expressed her initial concern about taking on the job, announcing on Twitter her “nervousness” and how she hoped she would “crack up laughing during the show”. She told Sydney Confidential about how she didn’t picture herself to be a judge on X Factor, but believes this could be a good opportunity for her.
“I understand what it’s like to have giant dreams and intend to help other young Australian’s achieve theirs by sharing my knowledge and developing their talent in collaboration with The X Factor.”

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According to Movie News Guide, Azalea is one of the most successful artists of the country, with her global hit “Fancy” reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Her single brought her into stardom in 2014 and had the chance to work and collaborate with other famous artists abroad. Her cooperation with big artists such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez leads the X Factor Australia to be confident with her skills and talents.
Iggy, born Amethyst Amelia Kelly, first became a star because it was always her plan to move permanently to America when she was 16, according to DJBooth. However, she never told her parents that when she left. Insisting she was depressed, needed space, and wanted to visit a friend in Miami, her parents reluctantly agreed and eventually after she stayed there for month, she decided that she would moved in with her friend and told her parents she wasn’t coming back.
Now that the star is coming back to Australia, Iggy Azalea also admitted that she had a nervous breakdown last year in which she felt tired and stressed out because she cannot hardly control the media narratives against her, according to MNG. It is believed that joining the X Factor Australia would help her gain greater support and have the chance to finally control her image in the media and to bring back the good image she lost, reported by Sydney Morning Herald.

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Brad Lyons, Channel Seven’s director of production, stated that her international success at the age of 26 would surely give their contestants the chance to be mentored by one of the best in the singing industry. Let’s see how this will work out for her, considering the constant negative media speculations, such as her cultural appropriation, plastic surgery and the homophobic statements she’s made over the course of her career. Maybe this will give her the break she needs.
As for Minogue, she left the show due to her strong desire to focus on her musical career. The other judges and mentors of X Factor Australia are still yet to be announced.

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