Ellen DeGeneres relied on past struggles to voice Dory in Pixar’s newest movie “Finding Dory”

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It has taken 13 years for the sequel of Finding Nemo to splash into the world because Andrew Stanton, the director of the new sequel Finding Dory, believed that the story needed to be compelling and heartfelt, according to this article.
Now that finding Dory has made its way into theaters, Ellen DeGeneres, the the voice of Dory, spoke with ABC News about her personal experiences with bringing this character to life.
In the interview that aired on Good Morning America, she said she hoped people will be inspired by the film to “just keep swimming”.
“There’s always another way, that’s a new message in this movie. And that is the truth. There’s always another way,” she said. “Don’t ever just, you know, put up with something or just say, ‘Well, that’s the way it is.’ And then your disadvantage can actually be your strength. So if you have a disability, you should embrace what it is that — it empowers you in a different way.”

Finding Dory out in theaters now!

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When she was asked about how hard it was to act with just a microphone rather than using her whole body like other actors usually do, she said it was because in the traditional role, actors can use their eyes or their body language to convey emotion.
“But with your voice, you know, you have to feel those emotions. You have to give that fish complete human emotions. And when you cry, you know, I cried. I had to cry. Because otherwise, the audience isn’t going to be in the theater crying when there’s such an emotional scene if they’re not involved and attached to that character,” she said.
As a comedian on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Ellen stated that she had “lots of sadness” to fuel the portrayal of sorrow for Dory feeling lost. To depict her loss, DeGeneres said she was extremely sensitive in her portrayal of Dory and drew on real life experiences from earlier parts of her life.
“I didn’t realize I was lost until I started really doing some soul searching and, you know, reading the right books and going to therapy. And then I look back, and I go, ‘Oh, boy. I didn’t have anybody to help guide me.’ And I was lost. And I just found my way on my own,” she said.

Dory Lost

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Her soul searching involved her coming out as a lesbian, said DeGeneres. She also noted that returning to stand-up comedy during a time when she couldn’t find any jobs really helped bring her back on her feet.
“When you’re gay and you’re successful in this business, your whole team says, ‘Don’t rock the boat. You know, you’re doing fine. You know, we know you’re gay, but, you know, just keep it down’ … And I just thought, you know, what’s equally as important as my career is living my life without shame,” she said.
The movie is now open in theaters. Actors such as Kate McKinnon, Idris Elba, Diane Keaton, Ed O’Neill, Ty Burrell, Dominic West, Bill Hader, Eugene Levy, and Kaitlin Olson also appear in “Finding Dory.”

Dory and Marlin

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