Selena Gomez copying Beyonce? Gomez blasted for changing fashion wardrobe

Published by: Shannon West

Selena Gomez just got blasted by Chris Rock for Beyoncé copycat allegations, according to the Inquisitr. Chris Rock posted a picture of Selena in a Beyoncé-like costume and called Selena “the poor-man’s Beyoncé”.
Selena was also previously speculated to be imitating Beyoncé while on her Revival tour, when in one of her photos she appeared in a gold bodysuit quite similar to what Beyoncé wears for her tours. Many fans that saw this were quick to notice this change in style, while others tend to disagree to try and stand up for the 23-year-old. However, Selena’s usual style of sporty to casual wear has completely made a 360 into the sparkly, sexual and over the top outfits that Beyoncé has thrived on for her career.
Selena Gomez stated in a previous interview with Yahoo News that she’s been getting her body in shape and started focusing on her looks more, hiring a personal trainer to help her out.

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“I’ve never really had a personal trainer, but I started working with Amy [Rosoff Davis] last year,” she said. “She’s incredible. I met her at Ballet Bodies in L.A., and we have a really fun friendship,” “At the moment, I’m training every day to build my stamina up for the tour. But don’t get me wrong — it was not like this before the tour.”
According to MTV, an interview with Vogue revealed that Selena’s fashion director, Christian Classen, they’ve collaborated to design these outfits for her revival tour. But the new style she has doesn’t seem to cut it, with celebrities and others disapproving of this change in style.
Chris and Selena both had good relations during Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in 2010, especially with how his two young daughter had listened to her music, according to Hollywood Life. However, with Rock not apologizing for his comment even with Selena’s hurt feeling, there seems to be more to it than meets the eye. However, he could also just be doing it for a good laugh too, who knows.

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“Chris doesn’t have it out for Selena, he did it because it was funny,” said an insider to Hollywood Life. He is a brilliant comic and nothing and nobody is off limits in his comedy and he did it only for a laugh. He didn’t know he was going to get so much heat from her fans but he is taking it in stride. He is not going to apologize either.”
Selena hasn’t commented out in public for the ruthless joke but it is certain that Chris is getting pounded by Selenators in reference to his comment about her being a “craigslist Beyoncé”. It should be noted that these two women are their own individuals with their own styles. There is also the fact though that if Selena wants to make her own image as a pop star singer, then maybe she should get a different fashion designer so that way conflicts like this won’t humiliate her any more than she already has been, especially with her taste in men (cough, Justin Bieber, cough).

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