Baby No. 3? Megan Fox defends her motherly instincts on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Published by: Shannon West

About two month ago, Megan Fox announced her third child with husband Brian Austin Green. Back in February, few knew the actress was expecting her third child. So when Megan last appeared Tuesday on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!” she gave Jimmy a sassy response when he asked about her keeping her pregnancy a secret.
“Do you feel, in a way, like you lied to me by coming out here pregnant and not indicating it?” Jimmy asked. Megan then fired back, “Do you feel like I owe you that sort of intimate information?”
Even after the tension, she still opened up about the prospects of having a new child in the family. She told Jimmy her children, Noah Shannon Green, 3, and Bodhi Ransom Green, 2, are excited to welcome another sibling into the family. Although they have an old half-brother, Kassius Green, 14, from Brian’s previous relationship with Vanessa Marcil, the children are apparently very aware of their mother’s pregnancy and how that works.
“Bodhi thinks it’s really funny that you’re going to feed the baby with your boobies,” said Megan. “He thinks that’s hilarious. But they’re not scared. They don’t know. They think it sounds normal.”

Megan and Jimmy


During a previous Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance, Megan confessed that she’s been able to communicate with her children while they’re still in the womb. She explained that she would feel and receive messages from her children when they are inside the womb, because as a mother, she feels it’s important for her to listen to her children to help make better decisions. She used the example of her second pregnancy and how moving to a different area in Los Angeles made her experience with the baby so much better, like that was where the child wanted to be raised.
Now, Baby No. 3 has revealed to Megan that he/she’s a genius. “I also feel like this baby is telling me it’s kind of like a Wernher von Braun or an Elon Musk, like a super genius,” she said, referring to the engineers. “He trusts me at this point because I’ve made so many good calls,” the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows star said. According to her, Brian is fine with her following her motherly instincts when it comes to her children.



“I know it sounds crazy, like I’m a lunatic, but I’ve made some really good decisions based on what I think the higher self is telling me to do. So, now he just goes along with it.” Although Jimmy attempted to argue with her logic about her motherly instincts, Megan said anything’s possible and that it’s best to try and listen to your children’s concerns as best as you can.
Megan and Brian, who have now been together since 2004, are close to deciding upon a name for their next child. For her however, the best part about having Baby No. 3 is knowing what to expect. “It’s easier doing it, because I’ve had a baby every other year since 2012. So your body gets used to it.”

Sassy Megan


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