Kelly Live co-host rumors spread: so many choices and so little time!

Published by: Shannon West

Kelly Ripa is still in need of a new co-host. There have been many suggestions by fans and over the course of the past few weeks while Kelly Ripa has been featuring guest co-hosts as a part of her special show. However, according to Entertainment Tonight, Rob Lowe is in “serious talks” with producers to join Live! as Kelly Ripa’s sidekick.
After Michael Strahan announced he was leaving the show to head over to Good Morning America full-time, several names had been circulating such as Jerry O’Connell, Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, and Mario Lopez. These people were all thought to be runner-up for the position. According to ABC executives, there are also reports of replacing Michael Strahan with a female, which include either Wanda Sykes or former “View” star Sherri Shepard. According to Shepard, she is all in for and hopes to possibly break the tradition of male co-hosts.

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“I think people would be ready for a woman with Kelly,” she said, praising the idea. “How about a black woman? … I would love to do it.” However, there was never any mentioning of Rob Lowe in the mix, and now this is first time he’s been mentioned as a possible candidate to be with Ripa on a full-time basis.
Weirdly enough though, Kelly Ripa had great chemistry with her fill-in co-host Fred Savage for the past two weeks and fans seem to adore his personality. Many social media users commanded that Savage be offered a contract on Twitter using the hashtag #HireFredNow, but now it seems like the producers are taking the show into their own hands by talking with Rob behind the scenes.
Rob Lowe was reportedly up for the running to join Kelly Ripa on Live! after Regis Philbin left the show back in 2012, according to the Inquisitr. According to Entertainment Tonight, Lowe is a “free agent” following the cancellation of The Grinder, which aired on Fox. He is also apparently interested in joining her on a regular basis because of how well the get along, but is still weary of going up against other possible candidates like Anderson Cooper.

Cheers to Kelly!


“I hosted it with Kelly and had the time of my life,” said Lowe. “I love her. I love being able to talk to an audience every morning like that and just being fun, counter-punching, being silly, and talking about cool stuff.”
In the next few weeks though, Kelly Ripa knows that she’s going to need a co-host before the start of the new season of Live! According to sources, the producers want to have someone sign a contract before the show goes on its annual summer break. However, let’s hope that Kelly will be able have a say in who she works with, because if producers decide to take this matter into their own hands, then there may be some upsetment coming around soon enough. Sadly though, it just might be true that the real decision making lies behind the scenes for the Live! with Kelly show.

Kelly and Michael are sadly no more


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