America’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell’s back and he’s softened up!

Published by: Shannon West

America’s Got Talent’s aired last night with a spectacular premiere as the 11th season started off with AGT’s newest judge, Simon Cowell, back into the spotlight. With dancing dogs, stunning clairvoyants, Japanese light shows and 13-year-old opera singers, Simon seemed to have lessened his blunt and controversial comments this time by letting his soft side slip out and appreciate his time being back on AGT.
At the first auditions for Week 1, it all started with a six-year-old comedian named Nathan whose mom types his material for the judges and they were smitten with him. His sporadic nature and cut jokes won over the hearts of fellow judges Mel B., Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum. Even Simon agreed with the judges, saying to the young boy, “I think America is going to fall in love with you. I’ve got a feeling about that.”

America's Got Talent


The judges were then baffled by the clairvoyance act of Thommy and Amelie after Amelie was able to guess not just the description of the things Thommy held in his hand, but the words they said on him. They certainly had tricks up their sleeve, but many were blown away.
The judges also appreciated the acapella group Linkin’ Bridge, who fooled people into thinking they were not about to break into a beautiful, nearly angelic version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” The heartfelt response of one of the members brought the audiences into tears when he explained how hard he worked to be there. The judges gave four thumbs up, Simon didn’t completely chastise them for their rocky start, and they made it through.
Another moving moment was the special-effects light show of the small-town Japan man who put on a gorgeous show with projection, lights, and live birds. The judges were surprised by the fact that preforming in front of them was the man’s dream.

Simon be like WTF


There were also oddities that preformed, some good and some not so good. On silent performer who went by the name Tape Face, because his mouth was taped shut, used oven mitts to lip sync “Endless Love along with other comedic acts of romantic gesturing. The judges loved it and Howie got the best line of the show by saying “by this time tomorrow, no one in America is going to know your name.”
The star of the night however was the 13-year-old opera singer Laura, with Mel B. pushing the golden buzzer for her astonishing performance, leading her straight into the live show and past the elimination process. Although the end of the show ruined again by a man whose idea of danger was jumping into a pool full of shaving cream and balloons, it was still a great start to a very weird season of AGT.

The Judges of the Show


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