Shia On The Road: #TakeMeAnywhere

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Ever wanted the opportunity to meet one of your favorite celebrities and take them to your favorite place? Shia LaBeouf announced on Twitter that he is hitchhiking across America and he is using Twitter to make that possible.

After his appearance at the Cannes Festival, LeBeouf decided to ask his fans on Twitter to give him a ride to anywhere they want. The project, called #TakeMeAnywhere, relies on the fans to pick him at his GPS location. However, the catch is that the first person to physically pick up LaBeouf and his buddies, artists’ Nastja Sade Ronkko and Luke Turner, gets to decide their next destination.

Would you pick up this man?

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The month-long project is funded by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and the Finnish Institute in London as part of the MediaLive Festival, a week-long festival created around displaying the most compelling contemporary artists and thinkers working internationally in new media. Shia LeBeouf is apparently part of this festival, which he will be seen at Boulder Museum from May 16 to May 22.

Nicole Dial-Kay, the MediaLive Festival’s director, said the project was meant to examine corruption through the medium of the traditional American road trip, according to the Inquisitr. However, it seems like Shia LeBeouf and his friends are having a great time so far, with their first trip alongside three other excited young men to the Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, Colorado.

Although the chances of corruption taking place on this road trip is possible, especially when it comes the fact that his fans could be more sinister than they seem, it’s also unlikely that LeBeouf and his friends will be in any dangerous situations. The point of the experiment is about experiencing life to its fullest and finding connections with people. The fact that there is danger out there is one of the main reasons why people explore, because it gives them the chance to fully live with life. That fear of the unknown is what makes people come alive.

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So this experiment on the corruption of society can go in any direction, but it will also make a giant impact on how we view the world. It will give people the encouragement they need to fully live their dreams of adventure. Most Hollywood stars don’t get to do that with their fans because of the stress of the Hollywood spotlight. However, the Transformers actor is also the perfect candidate for this kind of experiment because his easy-going personality alongside his most recent interaction with online memes makes him comedic and relatable to his everyday fans.

The Medialive Festival places no limits or restrictions on the people who pick up the trio, where they go, or what they do, in order to make the experience more authentic, according to Boulder News. LeBeouf says he will continue to tweet out his GPS coordinates every day at noon until the project ends on June 23. For those who wish to pick him up, follow his Twitter and the hashtag #TakeMeAnywhere. His GPS locations are available at

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