The Queen of Cool Loses it: Pink gets Depp Charged

Published by: Shannon West

Pink, the fearless rocker of pop music, completely loses it when she was brought face-to-face with her long-time crush Johnny Depp on the talk show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”
On Monday, Pink confessed that Depp was one of only two guys other than Carey Hart that she has a crush on. Pink said that the actor makes her go to her knees she had to dodge Depp backstage to avoid any embarrassment. Pink also confessed she “can’t talk” when she’s in his presence. That’s certainly reminiscent of every high school girl’s secret crush, now isn’t it?

Cool and Composed

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She also spoke of the one time she was forced by her husband to meet Depp was when she was in a record music store. Pink then hid behind records until she gathered up the courage to say hello and tell Depp she’d participated in creating music to the upcoming movie he stars in, “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” which is the follow-up to 2010’s “Alice In Wonderland.” However, out of her sheer nerviness Depp misunderstood what the singer was saying, causing the conversation to wander off and dilute.

“I didn’t want to meet him. My husband made me meet him, which was so dumb,” said Pink. Now to consider the fact that this woman, who totally rocks the bad-ass chick look with her unique vocals and crazy acrobatics, would be absolutely giddy and anxious about the thought of meeting her crush is so relatable to people. She’s a badass, but doesn’t have to act like on all the time, making her out to be more human than people realize.

Her not-so-secret crush spill made her go into more girlish squeals when Kimmel threw a surprise at her. Out of sheer fun, Depp walked out to meet her, causing her to completely become flabbergasted with embarrassment and nervousness. The audience surely enjoyed the scene of the turning-pink rock star.

Pink meets Depp

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Thus, after a split-second of trying to hide behind her collar, the red-faced singer jumped up to embrace Depp. Her joyful embarrassment caused her to flop back down in her chair and announce, “I can’t talk to you!” The flustered Pink avoiding eye contact with Depp until he exited the stage.
“You just actually turned the color of your hair,” Kimmel teased the singer. A funny response to an endless amount of adoration for the coolest modern-day rockers this generation has seen. Hollywood has made her fame through her booming voice and honest lyrics, but to just see moments like this is surely a treasure, especially for those who are complete fans. Let’s just hope she’ll be able to live that through every time she meets her crushes out in the Hollywood spotlight.

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