Brie Larson: Monkeyin’ Around on Skull Island

Published by: Brandon Withey

“Fay Wray, Come out and Play!” There’s a monster of a good time coming next year, a reboot the likes of which the world has only seen… About two or three times in the last year. In this movie there’s going to be some serious Grade A monkeying around, and there won’t be nearly enough bananas to stop the rampage. It’s the age old classic, King Kong, and it’s coming into theaters starring the amazing and illustrious Brie Larson as the indomitable maiden in distress first (and most iconically, many would say) by Fay Wray. She’s had a long and amazing career and we’re going to take a look at what has finally led her straight into the apes grasp.

Such a Ride

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