Blake proposed to Gwen! You won’t believe what she said!

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Gwen Stefani’s love affair with Blake Shelton just took an interesting turn. Blake just proposed to Gwen after their celebration of their 6 month anniversary. However, Gwen turned him down. She’s not ready for a long-term commitment, at least not yet.

According to the Inquisitr, Bake proposed during a picnic at Stefani’s house in L.A. He placed $1.2 million diamond ring inside a box of fried chicken. Quite quirky of him, but although Gwen was impressed by the ring, she wavered to say yes because of her kids.

Is it to be?

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She was also unsure about how the marriage would work because of their differences in age. Gwen, 46, bonded with Blake, 39, during their time being judges on the TV show The Voice back in 2015 when she temporarily replaced Christina Aguilera. However, when they met, Gwen was married to Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of the rock band Bush, for over twelve years. It wasn’t until August 2015 when Gwen and Gavin divorced due to him cheating on her with the nanny. Yes, the typical nanny scandal in Hollywood had arose again.

Although the marriage proposal was a downfall, Gwen had pretty good reasons. Her three sons are a big concern of her because , although they’ve been bonding with Blake over the course of their affair, Gavin most recently stated that he was not pleased with the fact that his children have been bonding with Blake more, according to an Entertainment News article. Oh well, too bad Gavin. You fucked with the nanny and now you miss out on being their dad. The tragedy of divorce still lingers even among celebrities.

Blake, although he’s stated his most recent divorce after 4 years of marriage from Miranda Lambert has been a relief on him, the rush into another marriage because of their speedy love affair has left Gwen to ponder over her fears. She fears that there may be another betrayal, that he may not be ready to be a father of three children, and that their ages may conflict somehow. The time of their affair has definitely been quick, but they’ve been pretty strongly intertwined with one another. They’ve both been through divorces and they’ve both bonded with each other despite their pasts.


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It’s understandable that she has these fears. Celebrities go through marriages and divorces all the time as though it’s nothing. However, that shouldn’t be the case if they know they love each other. If they are both willing to make their marriage work, then they should go right ahead. Fall in love, get married, but don’t be afraid to go through the pain and heartbreak because there is love in that too. That’s a part of life, so they shouldn’t be afraid to experience that. It’s their story, their individual stories that make them who they are. It cannot all be roses and daisies when it comes to love, because in love there must be room to grow, to face their fears and say yes.


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