The Belle Of Hogwarts Meets Her Beast

Published by: Shannon West

The Harry Potter actress Emma Watson and Disney have now teamed up in a remake of the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. The teaser trailer, which was released within the past 24 hours, has been one of the most watched trailers because of Emma Watson’s star power.

According to the Inquisitr, the Beauty and the Beast trailer outshined Disney’s most popular trailers by 91.8 million views within the past 24 hours online, including Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, which had 88 million views. Beauty and the Beast has also beaten Captain America: Civil War (61 million views), The Force Awakens‘ first trailer (55 million views) and, Avengers: Age of Ultron (34 million views). Disney definitely acknowledges that Watson’s influence on the movie resulted in the millions of fans and helped their own advertising campaigns.


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The trailer begins with a desolate, dark and abandoned palace, shooting scenes of candle lights and winding stairs alongside spider webs tangled in art as the howling wind blows through. The trailer then focuses on the Enchanted Rose, a rose locked in glass glowing amid the dreary frigid castle. This is the rose that has curse the prince to become a beast. As the story goes, the beast compels Belle to live in the castle with him in order for her father to live after he was imprisoned by the beast. She’ll eventually learn of the beasts’ curse, how he must find true love before his 21st birthday before the last petal, following his affection for her, before he remains a beast forever.

Although her appearance is limited, just the brief glimpse into Emma Watson’s character as Belle, the book-loving, independent heroine in the dark castle, looking at the Enchanted Rose, was enough to bring millions of views to the trailer. Many people are excited to see Watson in this feature film, because as people have known from her roles, her elegant, feminine character that she brings attracts her viewers. Her Harry Potter role as Hermione throughout the years has given her exceedingly popular attraction.

A Dream

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Her elegant, proper character that she exhibits throughout her acting is lovable on all levels, so to see her as Belle is a dream come true. However, knowing Disney’s most recent movies, like Maleficent (2014) and Frozen (2013), who knows how they’ll be changing up the themes of the story. Sure, the plot-line may be the same, but the impressions that people may have, like how Maleficent taught about mother-daughter love, and how Frozen taught of sisterly love instead of romantic love, can change. With Emma Watson in the story however, it will still be quite an experience to enjoy.
This new movie, predicted to release March 17, 2017, shines light on her career as a popular actress and Disney’s impressive resume of new movie lineups. Fans will certainly be looking forward to this rendition of the classic story of how love transcends all forms and comes in the most unexpected of places.


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