Kanye “Kanye’s” Ellen: All Kanye, All The Time

Published by: Shannon West

Kanye West, the hip hop artist who is ranked highly among the top rappers of the past decade, awakened Hollywood again as he made his appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday. His lengthy, unbroken 6 1/2 minute speech stunned DeGeneres and the audience, showing how he certainly has no quarrels about speaking his mind. For Ellen there was no room to speak. His speech was his spotlight, but then again, when is it not his spotlight? His last word were, “I’m sorry, daytime television.

I’m sorry for the realness.” but what does the audience see when it comes to him, The Life of Pablo?
On the show he dismissed those who measure contributions to society by tracking sales and radio play. He expressed passion and drive for his skills and make something of himself and his wishes to be remembered. His words are bit ironic though, considering the history of controversy he has caused in the entertainment industry.

She started looking like this.

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“Don’t tell me about being likeable,” Kanye said. “We’ve got a hundred years here. We’re one race, the human race, one civilization. We’re a blip in the existence of the universe, and we’re constantly trying to pull each other down. Not doing things to help each other. That’s my point. It’s like I’m shaking talking about it. I know it’s daytime TV, but I feel that I can make a difference while I’m here. I feel that I can make things better through my skill set. I’m an artist, and I feel that I can make things better through my skill set. I’m an artist.”

He speaks of trying to make a better world, but does his actions reflect that? His albums preach art and political messages, but how much more spotlight can he take up in a world filled with people who have so much more potential? His constant Twitter rants, his rudeness towards Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Music Awards, and now the unending rant on Ellen’s show has brought out more of an unlikable character to his image.

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Even the president of the United States Barack Obama called him “a jackass” in an interview with a reporter from The Atlantic back in 2012. So, where’s the proof that he’s been trying to make a difference? He thinks he can change the world by releasing new fashion lines and making millions of dollars off of albums, but then again, that’s not creating any unity or world peace now is it?
Popstars continue to shun him and bloggers continue to rant about how he’s arrogance and shallow.

People can argue about him all they want, but in the end, people become silent, just like Ellen. Why? Because the media loves his arrogance. Hollywood media glorifies the drama because it gives him the attention he wants and people tolerate his rudeness because that’s what makes news. Now, that’s very sad to see how low Hollywood and news media has become. True creativity doesn’t give anyone the excuse to be a jerk about it, but we allow it anyway because that’s who Kanye is.

She ended looking like this.

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