Wasikowsa down the Rabbit Hole: Mia Is Alice Through The Looking Glass!

Published by: Brandon Withey

We sometimes forget just how many of the world’s most famous actors have come into Hollywood from outside the USA. Often their polished accents and mercurial natures make it hard to pinpoint exactly what their point of origin is, and since so many of us think of them as being ‘from Hollywood’, we end up forgetting that they aren’t from there originally. Today we talk about Misa Wasikowska, an actress who was born in Australia to Polish Parents, and thus can be best described as Polish Australian. If you aren’t familiar with this actress, then you obviously haven’t been down the rabbit hole to have tea with the Hatter. That’s right, Mia is the actress who reprised the role of Alice as an adult in the 2010 Alice in Wonderland. Well we’re about to follow the White Rabbit again as we prepare to see her go through the looking glass.

Here we are.

Source: Http://www.tumblr.com/

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