Michael Buble: A voice quieted, for a time

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Michael Buble announced on Twitter that he cancelled appearances at two upcoming events so he can recover from surgery on his vocal cords. The singer will not perform at a Marvin Gaye tribute concert or attend a Canadian awards ceremony.

“To my fans: I wanted to let you know that I am bowing out of some upcoming events due to pending vocal surgery which will require a period of time for me to rest and recover,” Buble said. “No talking or singing for a while, but my doctors expect a complete recovery.”

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Buble is the latest of several singers to take a break from performing after their vocal surgery. Sam Smith for instance suffered bleeding on his vocal cords a year ago and had to cancel a run of tour dates. Meghan Trainor had also postponed shows last year due to a vocal hemorrhage. In 2011, Adele was plagued with a polyp and had to do multiple recoveries in order to regain her voice back. The history of artists losing their voices is vastly wide and not all artists recover from their surgeries. Julie Andrews lost her singing talent after a 1997 voice surgery went horribly wrong. However, artists like Bob Dylan and Steven Tyler have made their fortune relying on their rough voices, but considering Buble’s position, it certainly wouldn’t be the best option for him to go all rocker on his fans.

So what is it to say about Buble’s voice? The sleek jazz singer has been a worldwide success with his ability to adapt to all kinds of genres. His voice and musical talent has also won him music awards all over the world, earning two Grammy in the U.S., one Juno award in Canada as well as a nomination for an international ECHO award. Not only that, he has earned over thousands of fans all over the word, making him a very popular artist. However, only time will tell if this surgery will end his career or bring it back into shape.

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“I am especially sorry about two events that I will now be unable to attend: I was scheduled to be honored at The Canadian Governor General Performance Arts Award Gala on June 11,” he continued in his tweets. “This award will now be presented at next year’s 25th Anniversary on June 29, 2017,” he added. “In addition, I will no longer be performing at the Marvin Gaye Tribute at the Kennedy Center on June 5.”
It would be a shame if we lost such a talent in this day in age. Canada did some good exporting on their part, despite the fact that their other exports, Justin Bieber and Nickelback, are exceptionally unforgivable. Seriously, their music is unbearable to people’s ears. However, if Michael Buble were to eventually lose his voice sometime soon, fans can at least enjoy watching him eat a cob of corn at Disneyland.

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