The Prince and the Pippa: Romance in England’s Royalty

Published by: Shannon West

The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton back in 2011 has been one of the most iconic royal weddings since Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles back in 1981. British paparazzi pounced on the two lovers, ravishing in their every move. Their marriage and children now spark excitement among its royal followers. Now media coverage has swung over to Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton with rumors of them having a “secret romance” when The Daily Star printed a story back in December 2015.

The rumors of their romance go back far and wide. OK! Magazine originally started the rumors when they reported of their “attraction towards each other” by claims of them kissing at the wedding. Ok then went on to claim that Prince Harry pursued Pippa for months but the Pippa did not reciprocate fearing her sister.


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Then, months later, the rumors resurfaced with a report by OK! Magazine claimed that Prince Harry spent time at Pippa’s residence in London and due to how he was spotted “adjacent to Pippa’s residence in the Chelsea neighborhood.” These are only the few examples of the tons of paparazzi pestering the two royals. Now, The Daily Star’s original article cited a U.S. magazine that made claims about a relationship between Pippa and the ginger royal. However, this was proven false by the Independent Press Standards Organization (IPSO), stating that “manner in which the claims were presented was significantly misleading”. Prince Harry also complained about the story, saying the story was “completely untrue”.

The “adoring” public had always shipped Pippa with Prince Harry, especially at the time of her older sister’s wedding. They both became an instant phenomenon. They also however became the object of media scrutiny, especially for younger sister Pippa. Pippa was constantly rumored to have the hots for her brother-in-law’s brother and the most recent denial of their “secret romance” has led them to be objectified even more so by British press.

Pippa and Henry

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Pippa especially took the toll when she was also mocked persistently for her clothing choices, with the British press often wondering if she “dressed in the dark.” However, even despite that they both continue forth. They both charity races, such as veteran mental health campaigns, heart disease, and working towards donations for children’s cancer.
So yes, Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton did not match the media’s expectations for their royal aesthetic. Boohoo, too bad. It should be that way, because their people too with their own dreams and preferences. That won’t completely excuse them from the backlash of the media though. Sadly, it may continue throughout their lives as long as they exist as royal family. Although the media will constantly rain of their parade, at least the media also knows how to make light of it. One British telly plans on releasing a comedy show called The Windsors, with their very first episode kicking off with Prince Harry shouting “Incoming!” during a sex scene with Pippa. It sounds good; maybe they’ll watch the show together.

Harry and Pippa Dance it Off

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