The Rise of Music’s Prince Part 2: Humble Beginnings

Published by: Brandon Withey

Prince may have gotten his start in a ramshackle house in Minneapolis, but he wasn’t destined to stay there or be brought down by the poor neighborhood into which he was born. Instead he would be inspired and encouraged by his father’s talents and dreams to turn the name he was born with, his father’s stage name, and turn it into something truly magnificent. When we last left off, we had Prince having just found his way into the Anderson’s home, and flourishing in the pursuit of musical talent on the back of his astounding work ethic. Now it’s 1975, and that’s where you might say it all really began, when he first stepped into the lime-light and began the climb to stardom. Come with us again as we walk down the paths of Prince Nelson Rogers life in “The Rise of Musics Prince Part 2: From Humble Beginnings”.

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