Honoring David Bowie Part 13: The Bowie and the Omikron

Published by: Brandon Withey

Bowie was a hugely influential musician and media personality his entire career, but he was never afraid of innovating or embracing new technology. While this didn’t always work out for him, he did have some surprisingly long runs with decidedly non-musical pursuits. He’s well known for saying, nay predicting, how the internet would change the world of music and how it was produced, distributed, and listened to. While BowieNet only had a run of 8 years, it still was a hallmark of his dedication and openness to new tech.

This is just one way he was known for embracing new tech, and the next 12 years would see that and more out of our hero. Let’s move on with “Honoring David Bowie”


Source: Http://www.tumblr.com/

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