Honoring David Bowie Part 12: Black Tie… White Noise

Published by: Brandon Withey

The Era of the Tin Machine was an important era in Bowie’s life, one that helped rebirth him from an incredibly difficult time. It wasn’t just the dissolution of his marriage that was weighing heavily on him, but the idea that there were a great deal of things that he simply had to do. Old songs that he felt compelled to sing, shows he felt he was obligated to do, baggage from a long life of popularity that was interfering with him providing his best to himself and his band. As Tin Machine faded into the background, it was the words of Reeves Gabrel that drove him forward… They were simple, as you may recall. “Stop Doing It”

So “Stop doing It” he did, and moved forward into his life anew. Come with us as we explore life after the Tin Machine.

Happy again

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