Honoring David Bowie Part 10: The Tin Machine

Published by: Brandon Withey

After his ground-breaking Glass Spider Tour that travelled all over the world, had the most insane stage sets anyone had seen, and performed a mind-breaking 86 concerts during its time, Bowie was ready for a change. The tour had been exhausting for everyone involved, Bowie himself knew that this was something the world would not see the like of again, at least not from him. The experience had taught him that there were limits even to his own magnificence, and it was time, perhaps, for him to take a back seat to the lime-light.

On the next stage of our journey “Honoring David Bowie” we discuss his brief step back from the main stage, and the emergence of the Tin Machine. While the era itself was short-lived, there was at least one life changing event that would come from it for Bowie.


Source: Http://www.tumblr.com/

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