The Legacy of Iggy Pop Part 3: Rise And Fall of the Stooges

Published by: Brandon Withey

Iggy’s come a long way from his time as a High School Rock Band drop out, but the road has been largely uneventful thus far. His time with the Prime Movers helped to get him his footing and a reputation, but it was the transition into the Stooges that really made a huge difference. This was the first band that was really willing to go all out and embrace Iggy’s inner wildness.

Describing the Psychedelic Stooges style is a bit like trying to describe the eighth color of the rainbow to someone who’s never read Pratchett and has a wild hatred of metaphor. It is perhaps best stated by music critic Edwin Pouncey: “The Stooges’ early musical experiments were more avant garde than punk rock, with Pop incorporating such household objects as a vacuum cleaner and a blender into an intense wall of feedback that one observer described as sounding like “an airplane was landing in the room.”


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