Honoring David Bowie Part 8: The Golden Years

Published by: Brandon Withey

The 80’s were good to a lot of people, let’s be honest. They were also terribly tragic to a lot of people, especially in Hollywood and bad High School photos. For Bowie the 80’s were one of his greatest eras, seeing him perform in movies that would change the world of media and shape the childhood of people for decades to come, pairing with musicians that were utter legends on their own with each adding to the others amazing quality, and once again helping to define a genre. After everything he went through in the decades past, with struggles both personal and professional, it was finally his time to really shine. Given his most recent success in Germany it’s hard to really say that he wasn’t already a star beyond measure, but the 80’s let him strive forward to become the amazing person, musician, and influence we all knew and loved.

While he may have recently sang about his Golden Years with Angie, this era was truly his Golden Age.

We know, he's been impatient too

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