Honoring David Bowie Part 7: Bowie Reborn

Published by: Brandon Withey

Bowie had had a terrible time of life during his era as “The Thin White Duke”, facing struggles with cocaine and outlandish behavior of a sort that served to severely mar his reputation. Sometimes we make really bad decisions, and sometimes we have bad decisions made for us, in this case it was a midrealm between him deciding to use cocaine and cocaine influencing his behavior in shocking ways. He finally began to get a hold on his life right near the end of 1976, and it led to the decision to move to “The Most Arduous City He Could Imagine”, which apparently was West Berlin.

A good portion of his decision rested on his desire to make a new start, as well as learning how to manage his life on his own. In this part of “Honoring David Bowie” we talk about his recovery from the days of Dukedom, and what role West Berlin played in that recovery.

Coming Back To Life

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