Honoring David Bowie Part 6: Thin White Duke Tribulations, Exit To Berlin

Published by: Brandon Withey

Bowie’s career, and some would say his life, was pure theater from the opening scream of his coming into the world to the manner in which he passed on with grace and a nod to his fans. Every good piece of theater has a range of emotion that runs through it, and oftentimes, right in the middle, we encounter the darkest deepest part of the rollercoaster ride. So it was for Bowie during “The Thin White Duke” years when cocaine paired with psychotic breaks and a sort of megalomania born from his deep entrenchment in the role to create what were quite possibly the most controversial years of his career. Here we learn how he rose to prominence, defined a new style of music (again) and kept a nation from broadcasting the death of its leader by sheer ego alone.

The Duke Dances In

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