Honoring David Bowie Part 5: The Fall of the Starman, The Duke Cometh

Published by: Brandon Withey

As we continue our adventures through the life of Bowie, we find ourselves at the closing of the era of his first persona. Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders of Mars were truly a phenomena that was shaking the world, but like all good things they had to pass. He had moved on to the Americas, settling in Los Angeles and ready to continue his exploding career in Sunny California.

While all seemed sunny and bright, the truth was that behind the scenes Bowie was teetering on the edge from all of the pressures on him and his rocketing into stardom. His outlandishness would finally get out of control, and bring him to an incredible low point in his career. Such is the topics of the next two installments of “Honoring David Bowie”

Ziggy has left the building

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