Honoring David Bowie Part 4: The Rise and Fall of the Starman

Published by: Brandon Withey

In our first few articles describing the life of Bowie, we found ourselves coming from his beginnings in a South London suburb and crawling through his first introductions to theater and performance. We met his first great love and the introduction of the woman who would utterly change his life, and learned a bit about his development as a person and performer.

We find ourselves on the verge of Ziggy Stardust, having just discussed his first performance in this, the first of the many faces and personalities he would wear throughout his career. Ziggy Stardust marked his catapulting into the popular eye, riding on the wave of fame that came with “Space Oddity.” Here is where the world truly learned of his eccentricity, and got a taste of who this man was to become.

The many faces of

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