Angie Bowie: First Wife and Great Inspiration of David Bowie

Published by: Brandon Withey

David Bowie has recently passed, and with him a lot of his history is being rehashed and brought to light. While there are thousands of pieces out there honoring Bowie himself, we felt we’d spend some time to appreciate those people who lived their life in his shadow. This isn’t to say they didn’t have a profound effect on his life, merely that it’s hard to shine bright enough to be seen when you stand alongside David Bowie.

Among these starts was Angie Barnett, born Mary Angela Barnett in September of 1949 in the country of Cyprus. A cover girl, model, musician, and actress by trade, Angie’s influence on his life was without question, and together they made a huge impact on the glam rock culture of their time. Come with us while we examine their life together, and where she is today.

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