20 Of Our Favorite Celebrity Mug Shots

Published by: Joe Silver

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Have you ever been arrested? If so, what for? Usually most common arrests among our society are driving under the influence, and sometimes its random things like clipping a random person who crosses the road and you simply didn’t notice.

Sometimes, we forget that the celebrities that we adore so much are actually human beings just like us. So we tend to glorify them, pray for their success, and think of them as saints who couldn’t possibly commit any crimes what so ever. Right?

These thoughts are all wrong, because we must remember that these people are after all still people and we cannot expect them to be perfect.

Nevertheless, our society has become more and more involved in celebrities’ day to day lives believing television shows that this is what is really going on and this is really how these people live and act every single day, whether or not there’s a camera around.

We decided to make a list of our favorite celebs and list out what they’ve done to get them arrested for the night (or for longer in some cases). Some are hilarious some are downright shameful.

But you can be the judge and decide who’s a good girl or who’s a good boy.