Honoring David Bowie Part 3: The Trajectory of a Rising Star

Published by: Brandon Withey

The Career of David Bowie touched on every aspect of our world, from his innovations in music and performance, through to his constant challenging of gender stereotypes with his choices in clothing and style. He truly was a remarkable man who served as an inspiration to people all over the world, greeting each new generation with a new face over 5 decades.

With the launch of Space Oddity, he had received his first real taste of recognition, but nothing could have prepared him or the world for the place he would take in the the hearts and minds of people over the next 50 years. As we continue to examine the life and career of this amazing man, we’ll head into the post-Space Oddity years the transformational period to follow. Strap in fellow space monkeys, things are about to get surreal.

Strap in boys!

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