Ken Pitt: Bowie’s First and most Controversial Manager

Published by: Brandon Withey

Behind the comet tail of every rising superstar are often unseen and unappreciated geniuses who helped them rocket through the skies of fame. Often their stories are as in-depth and interesting as that of the stars themselves, but due to the nature of their jobs they’re often simply unseen in the shadows of their projects greatness.

One such man was Kenneth Pitt, best known for his role in helping to elevate David Bowie to prominence. Bowie was not the only rising star lifted by Pitt’s skill in his trade as manager, but he did result in one of the most visible legal battles with Bowie. Add in rumors of his unrequited love for his protege, and some rather salacious comments made by him later on down the line, and Kenneth Pitt becomes worth discussing all on his own.

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