Death of A Guitar Legend: Jackie King Passes From The Ranks

Published by: Brandon Withey

Music is no longer music. Everything has turned to pop, or what is considered pop. Voices are corrected with autotune. Instruments are generated on a computer. A dystopian age is upon us. Technology is slowly killing all areas of life that needed talent. Or even humans at all. Great talents that will never be recognized are fading into the darkness. Old favorites are being “remastered”, losing the little faults that made the music what it was. All hail autotune and algorithmic composition. Music used to be about a person using raw talent to create a story using their voice or melodies, or a combination of both. Why not go back to the days of baring our soul through music? Way back when that was what music was about. It wasn’t a hobby that you did in your spare time. It was a lifestyle. There was a code of sorts to live by. There was artistic integrity. Musicians used to slave for months, even years, over a piece just to get it right. That’s why some musical movements have outlived others. They’ve change to fit the times and the people, but the essence has not changed. Jazz music was about the rough times in life and focused on the talent of musicians, instead of catchy lyrics. Sometimes musicians wouldn’t even sing real words. It was music at its roots trying to relay a message to the audience. Jazz is still much the same, but it has fallen to the background of the music world. Causing renowned names like Jackie King to get a “who’s that?”


Source: http://Note.Taable.Com/

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