Nicki Goes Savage: One Cell, One Stage, One Great Moment in Music

Published by: Brandon Withey

Let’s start this article with a question, shall we? No.. Another one, smart aleck. The question is: “What is a security guards job?” If you answered “To be alert and attentive and see to the safety and security of the person they are paid to protect” then you got it right. You know who didn’t get it right? One of Nicki Minaj’s security guards at her Dubai performance. The idiot thought it would be a good idea to be on his phone during the performance, when he should have been paying attention to his charge during the first ever concert held in the new Dubai venue.

Thankfully, Ms. Minaj isn’t one to take such things lightly.. When she realized what was going on, well, let’s just say she had a few choice things to say about it.

Sick of your shit

Source: Http://www.Tumbnation.Com

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