Cocaine and Soccerballs: The Fall of Abby Wambach

Published by: Brandon Withey

Growing up every person had at least one hero. A person that encompassed every moral and characteristic we strived for. Going into adulthood I’ve found that I still have heroes, they just slightly changed. I no longer want to be like wonder woman, even though that still would be pretty cool. I now strive to be like a firefighter. Selfless, courageous, and an example for other people to follow. But after being involved with a firehouse, I’ve discovered that firefighters weren’t what I had built them up to be. A Lot of them are actual kids at heart that are crazy and run towards fires. I’m not degrading any firefighters.

They are everything I listed above, but I glorified them so much I forgot they were real people. This is a common occurrence in society today. We idolize celebrities so much that we forget that they are real people. Real people that make mistakes. Celebrities are the idols of all generations, but should we penalize them to the point that it destroys their reputation? I don’t agree with this type of treatment. Perhaps it should be used as a teaching moment. Instead of teaching people to ostracise celebrities we should show acceptance and provide help. One such case is Abby Wambach.

Not a great day, but ok

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