Why We’re Fond of Fonda: The Late Blooming Feminist Speaks

Published by: Brandon Withey

Jane Fonda isn’t precisely a name we associate with the leading forefront of feminism. While she does have a reputation for being snarky and a strong woman all around, her stance on this particular topic has long been silent and evolving. Little surprise considering how complicated the path she walked to reach us was so littered with periods of self-doubt, a sort of institutionalized shaming of her body, and a father that was deeply entrenched in the patriarchal culture of his generation.

But don’t think that’s put her down or left her in the dust. Being born in the generation when the patriarchy was in full swing only slowed her arrival to the feminist movement. If you think that she’s just jumping on the bandwagon for late stage notoriety… well.

This, gentlemen, is called sarcasm

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