Celebs ‘Freshman 15’ On Our Favorite Stars

Published by: raeut

You’ve heard of it, Freshman 15, 15 pounds of weight gain that happens to almost every student on every campus around the States. Here’s why it happens: you live at home, mom or dad make some home cooked meals with green beans and chicken and a salad on the side. Fast forward to you, on your first year, in your college dorm = McDonalds, pizza, 3am snacks, or worse, like I had, pancakes and bacon every single morning at the school’s Cafeteria.

Thing is, every one gains weight at some point of their lives, even celebrities. You just need to know that you will need to eventually cut out the bad habits and go back to your old self. In this rendition of 20 Celebrities, we bring to you some weight gain so you won’t feel alone 🙂


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